A passion for craft and interior design led me to renovate an Amsterdam apartment. By doing all the handywork myself, down to every last bolt and tile, a tiny budget was kept. I now share the joy by renting the place out :).



..but in the end, community is more important than pretty pictures. Together with Melbourne’s RMIT University I turned a shipping container into a flexible community center that bridges cultures in one of the city’s housing projects.


The Live House was built to facilitate dance performances, tea rituals, food events and musical improv. The low-fi, friendly aesthetic of the furniture props, windows, canopy, and projection screen make the Live House approachable.

More than the physical design output, the project was about working closely with community residents, giving them a sense of ownership. Most of the work took place on site with residents. The Live House was avidly used during the year it was on site, leading to friendships and even a marriage and child.